torsdag 4. juni 2009

Award ~ Honest Scrap

OMG am I lucky??? Yes. Look I got this awsome Award for Samantha.
~ hop on over to her blog to look at all the fab things she makes ~

In order to accept this Award properly I'm requierd to list 10 honest things about myself and pass it on to 7 others.

1) I love my playing with Lego together with my kid (4,5 years old)
2) I have been on TV - singing!
3) I loooooooove to shop scrapbook goodis ~can't get enough
4) I also love the music from the 80's
5) I don't like to take the dishes, so I don't ;)
6) I love my job in advertising
7) Greece is one of my favourite places to go for the holliday
8) I'm looking forward to concerts with Madonna and U2 this summer!!!!
9) I just love amuzments parks and roller costers :)
10) I hate to stand in a queue

This is the people I want to give the award to ~ thanks for all the inspiration girls

5 kommentarer:

Camilla sa...

Oj tusen takk!!! Denne var morsom:)
Artig å lese om deg, ser vi har en del til felles:)
Klem, Camilla.

Maya sa...

Tusen hjertelig takk for awarden,Tonje!
Det setter jeg stor pris på :)
Ha ei flotters helg,
go`klem fra Maya:)

Else Britt sa...

Tusen hjertlig takk for awarden Tonje, og for all tålmodighet med en ny kortlager og blogger. Dette satte jeg stor pris på.
Ha en koselig helg.
Klem fra EB

May-Bente sa...

Tusen tusen takk, Tonje.
Setter stor pris på det:=)
Ha en super helj, stor klem fra meg:))

Bente sa...

Takk for awarden!